What is well-being?

This is the sense of feeling OK. We all need feelings of:
– Self-esteem (It feels OK to be me)
– Autonomy (I feel in control of my life)
– Social confidence (Being with people feels OK)
– Hope (Everything is going to be OK)

These feelings work together to create a sense of well-being.
But if any one of them is threatened, the others will be at risk too.
That can lead to a sense of ‘ill-being’ or distress,
whether we are well or unwell (physically or mentally),
and whether or not we have dementia.

How can dementia affect well-being?

In dementia, all aspects of well-being can be threatened.

– Self-esteem? (It feels OK to be me)
I feel useless; others treat me as if I don’t matter.

– Autonomy? (I feel in control of my life)
Others choose for me – their choices, not mine.

– Social confidence? (Being with people feels OK)
I keep making embarrassing mistakes.

– Hope? (Everything is going to be OK)
Things can only get worse.

But it doesn’t have to feel like this.