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2022 Understanding dementia and lessening its impact. 2nd edition.
Twyford, Berkshire: Shirley Pearce.

Conference posters

2021 Well-being in dementia care: what is it and how can we support it?
Royal College of Occupational Therapists 44th annual conference and exhibition, online 30.06-01.07.2021.

2019 ‘Therapeutic lying’: validating the person’s view, or unprofessional conduct? 
Journal of Dementia Care 14th UK Dementia Congress, Doncaster 5-7.11.2019.

2019 It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it: the importance of ‘how’ in dementia. 
Inspiring, informing, involving. Royal College of Occupational Therapists 43rd annual conference and exhibition, Birmingham 17-18.06.2019.

2017 Fight, flight or “F*** off!” Challenging our understanding of behaviour in dementia. 
Inspiring, involving, informing. Royal College of Occupational Therapists 41st annual conference and exhibition, Birmingham 19-20.06.2017.

2016 Managing risk in dementia care: promoting well-being through the SPECAL® method. 
It’s time for occupation. College of Occupational Therapists 40th annual conference and exhibition, Harrogate 28-30.06.2016.


2023 Turning a crisis into an opportunity: taking dementia training online.
Journal of Dementia Care 31(6) 23-24. [online] Available at:

2023 Mum lives in her own house. Why does she keep asking to go home?
RG10 Magazine, May-June 2023 [online] Available at:

2023 Feelings: listen and validate.
Journal of Dementia Care 31(2) 9. [online] Available at:

2020 ‘Therapeutic lying’: feelings are the key to our response.
Journal of Dementia Care 28(5),
16-18. [online] Available at:

2020 Explaining Covid-19.
RG10 Magazine, July-Aug 2020 [online] Available at:

2019 Why does Auntie think I’m Grandma?
RG10 Magazine, May-Jun 2019 [online] Available at:

2018 New charity launched in Twyford.
RG10 Magazine, May-Jun 2018 [online] Available at:

2014 Dementia: descent into hell or foretaste of heaven? 
Baptist Times, 06 January. Available at:

2013 Dementia: contentment or terror? 
Church Times
, 18 October. Available at:

Podcasts & Videos

2023 Angela Walker In Conversation podcast interview.
Understanding Dementia – how empathy can improve life for people with dementia and their families.

2023 Video for Dementia Friendly Wokingham.
Understanding Dementia and lessening its impact.

2023 RG10 Magazine podcast interview.
Twyford Community Awards – Charity of the Year.

2021 Video for World OT Day 27 October.

2021 RG10 Magazine podcast interview.
Free course in understanding the experience of dementia.

2021 Introductory video for Dementia Action Week.

2020 Video for World OT Day 27 October.

2020 RG10 Magazine Podcast interview.
Understanding Dementia with Shirley Pearce.

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