How stress can affect memory

Reduced concentration

Paying attention to information helps us to take it all in at the time, and to recall it later on.
But anxiety, pain or distress can affect both of these processes.

The stress of caring can affect memory

Caring for a family member with dementia can be very stressful.
We may worry that our own memory is starting to fail, just like theirs.
But if their well-being improves, caring for them becomes easier.
Then our stress is reduced and our memory can begin to recover. 

Stress adds extra problems in dementia

Most people with dementia know that something is going wrong,
because things in their life don’t make sense in the way they used to.
If they become anxious or upset, they find it even harder to cope with this.

Memory problems in dementia are very different from the effects of normal ageing or stress.
We need to understand how dementia affects the person.
Then we can learn new skills to help us support the well-being of those who live with it.