Understanding Dementia – Booklet

This simple booklet helps to bridge the gap between dementia awareness and a real understanding of how dementia affects the person. It explains simply and clearly how we can lessen the impact of dementia on those who live with it.

‘A clear, practical guide that offers essential and valuable insights for everyone’
Dr Wendy Bryant

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This booklet was written to accompany courses delivered by Understanding Dementia. It gives an overview of our approach and explains:

  • the importance of well-being
  • how memory normally works
  • how ageing and stress affect memory
  • how dementia can affect memory
  • how dementia can affect well-being and
  • how to lessen its impact.If you
  • work on the ‘front line’ of care
  • are a health or social care professional
  • know someone with dementia or memory loss, or care – in any sense – about dementia, this guide is for you.